The community of believers resident at Canefield, a former colonial-cane-plantation-turned-urban-settlement, established a Lighthouse in August 1991 in response to the felt needs of those believers to have the Word of God preached within the municipality.  Prior to this, believers worshipped at churches in the neighbouring communities from Roseau to Mahaut. So from this humble beginning along the south-western coast of the beautiful Caribbean island of Dominica, a message of hope and trust in the One who had defied death and the grave began shining. It was therefore a glorious mornning in August 1991 when the doors of the church were opened.  Today, the lighthouse is a fully-functioning church within the East Caribbean conference of believers, with 6 ordained Elders, 3 ordained Deacons and 2 ordained Deaconesses.  A number of young, not-yet ordained Elders and Deacons, assist the leadership.  The decision to launch an internet ministry was a natural as the community of Canefield is is one of the most internet-penetrated communities on the island.

This website is maintained and managed by the Parishoiners of the Church located in the urban community of Canefield on the beautiful Caribbean island of Dominica. We are Sabbath-keepers, not by chance but by choice. It has been our experience trusting in the merit of Jesus' selfless sacrifice for the human race, anthropos (νθρωπος), and the power He gives to live a changed life. Through the pages of this website, we intend to introduce you to the one who made the Cosmos from a chaotic situation described as "without form and void" and ended in the creation of life, Naphesh Chyyah, including mankind. We are always cognizant that even with the best plans and intentions, human leaders have been unable to assure Earth's population of a better tomorrow. The global economic recessions which are now becoming frequent and prolonged, stubborn diseases for which no cure is coming off the labs, social decay of inner cities, intense armed conflicts, mounting unemployment especially in developing countries, corrupt policitians and policy-makers, increase in the number and intensity of natural disasters, drought, starvation, crimes, falling education standards, shrinking global resources, rising population and a behaviour amounting to "keeping God out of our business" are wrecking havoc on the planet with no improvement in sight. For us, this is confirmation that the Word of God is TRUSTWORTHY, foretelling Earth's travail long in avdance, but not leaving people without Hope. Jesus is that Hope! Sin is causing all these problems but Jesus has ushered in a Kingdom where there will be NO sin. You can be part of this Kingdom! He is enlisting citizens for this Kingdon right now. Read about it in The Fight for your Life. Search out Favourite Bible Verses and find crucial Help in times of need.

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