It started a few years ago when The Bethel SDA Church, with a focus of health and healthy living, launched what became known as The Midnight Walk.  It was really an endurance activity, the first one being a 20-mile fitness walk from the Layou River Bridge to the northern town of Portsmouth. The hikers walked through the night, beginning at 9:30pm and arriving at their destination, the SDA Secondary School at Portsmouth, before 4:00am in the morning. Walking through the night was tough but achievable. A daytime walk along the west coast of Dominica would be almost impossible when one considers the associated sun and heat. This walking victory gave rise to the planning of an annual walk, with the second (one year later) covering 27 miles.  In 2012, the focus changed from fitness and andurance to fitness, endurance, evangelism and rebranding of the activity to The Habakkuk Walk based on chapter 2, verse 2 of the Book of Habakkuk.  The first Habakkuk Walk took off from Canefield on the night on August 4, 2012 and crossed four communities before ending 10 miles away on the lovely beach at Mero where the hikers-turned-campers slept out the remainder of the night on the open beach. Hundread of tracts and booklets were distributed along the walk. In preparation for a lay crusade about mid-2013, the church will again hike and distribute the Word of God.

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